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GSE User Guide

IPTV app  Of GSE is a solution as an IPTV player across IOS, Apple TV, Android and MAC OSX platforms

Level 1.

First download the app first  GSE. Click here to download 

When you open the app you have to click on the three lines -

Next step Click on the Remote playlist playlist:



Click Yellow + or click Add M3U: Now paste your m3u link 


Step 3.

Now wait for the GSE app to fetch the channels from the servers.:


Step 4.

When you are done you will see the country divided into groups.


Step 5.

Select the country where your channel is located and click on it.
You will reach the channel list of that country, click on the V at the top and the list view for an easier overview


Step 6.

Select your channel to watch, tap it and click Play.


Step 7.

When the channel is playing you can tap on the screen and it will show your options back to list, CC etc.

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