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Use the following steps to set up IPTV in Kodi:

Activate Kodi and select Settings


2. Click  On ADD-ONS


3. Select a device from a repository


4. Click on PVR clients


Scroll down and select PVR IPTV Simple Client


6. Click Device


7. Wait for the installed PVR IPTV Simple Client Add-on message to appear


8. Click PVR IPTV Simple Client again


9. Click on the fence


Under General, hover your mouse over and select the M3U playlist URL


11. Enter the M3U address provided to you by us  And click OK. *** See note at bottom of page


12. Transfer  Mouse over EPG settings and select XMLTV URL


13. Type the EPG M3U address or the abbreviated URL for your TV Guide and click OK


14. Click OK again


15. Click OK when prompted for "Reboot Required" message


16. Force Kodi to close and reopen the app.

Wait for the PVR manager to start and channels to load (this may take a few minutes).

When you are done, you will see a loading message in simple customer channels


that's it! Installation complete.

👈 For installations or packages that include codes, please send us a message in the chat :)

Note: Most of the time you will have  Two M3U URLs.

One is for channel listings and one is for EPG (TV Guide).

We will enter the EPG M3U address in step # 8 below.

In most M3U addresses the username and password of the service must be entered. You'll usually see where these go into the URL as they are marked with "username = xxxx" and password = xxxx ".

Enter your username and password where the X is located.

Here is an example of an M3U URL. This is not an address  Real M3U, but this is how the structure usually looks:

Once you have entered your username and password into the URL,

 You must make sure that the address is typed in the box without errors.

One wrong letter in the address and it will not work.

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