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התקנה על טלויזיה

מבחר מדריכים להתקנה במגוון מכשירים

לחצו על המכשיר שאתה משתמשים כדי לעבור  למדריך הרצוי 👇

  • What is IPTV?
    IPTV (internet protocol television) This is basically a technology that allows the transfer of digital TV broadcasts to subscribers Like the old cable system, only here it is established by your home internet
  • Is an internet connection required?
    Sure :) This is a system that transmits broadcasts over the Internet. In order to enjoy a seamless viewing experience, it is recommended that you be connected to the Internet at speeds and speeds of 40Mb or more.
  • How do you connect?
    After you received the email with the details: If you are watching through our application then enter the username and password as you have chosen and press add user If it's a different app, copy the link into the app you're watching and that's it
  • How to purchase a subscription?
    It's awfully simple: Click on Purchase at the top of the page and select the desired period, fill in the details and click OK, Up to half an hour will send you an email with the details to activate. * Secure purchase *
  • Does the price include converters?​
    The price for the service package without equipment (in a streamer department store) P.S. Streamer package + subscription at a family price!
  • Is there a commitment?
    No, we have no obligations and no customer retention department only customer service Have you tried and it does not work for you? We will part as friends and can always be canceled (according to agreement).
  • What is the installation cost?
    ​Independent installationby the customer (downloading an application to the device) therefore there are no installation costs.
  • What are the areas you can expect to see?
    You can join the service from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection .
  • Is there a VOD in the service?
    Yes. A wide variety of movies and series are available to you, but only some with translation. (Work on it) We will soon publish the detailed content list.
  • Is there a movie library on the service?
    Yes. A wide variety of movies and series are available to you, but only some with translation. (Working on it) Soon we will publish the detailed content list.
  • Is there a refund?
    This is digital content that is available to you 24/7 Therefore we are unable to give a refund If you have placed an order, you will be charged for the order in full If disconnection is made in the middle of a month, the payment will be charged in full until the end of the subscription period and no refund will be given.
  • I have a smart TV, will it work for me? "
    Yes. You can watch TV But note that the TV memory is very small so if there is also slow browsing It will be difficult for the processor to contain a live broadcast and there may be malfunctions On AndroidTV TVs / Streamers, make sure that apps can be installed. Please note, the apps in the device store are usually paid for.
  • I have a personal streamer - will it work?
    Yes. The system works best on streamers In Streamer with Android operating system - the application can be installed free of charge. Streamers of other types do not allow us to download our application, so an external installation will be required (USB or a compatible application from the device's store {Google Store, Appstore, LG STORE ....)
  • I placed an order and did not receive login information by email. What to do?
    Details will be sent to you automatically within half an hour of placing your order in your mailbox If not received, first check with spam and if not found please contact chat and we will be happy to address the issue.
  • Is there a trial period?
    Yes, for 24 hours of viewing (except Thursday-Sunday) You can order on the home page of the website at the click of a button and enjoy the best IPTV service.
  • Does the app cost money?
    The application for Android devices can be downloaded free of charge when placing the order. The application for Apple devices is paid (there is also free) to be downloaded in the Apple store (third party). The application for SMART TV devices involves a payment to the operators of the application Depending on the app and store (third party).
  • How many connections can be connected in parallel?
    The subscription can be connected to endless devices But you can watch one device at a time for one connection per subscriber. Therefore, make sure to disconnect from the other device in order not to experience disconnections. Discounts on the number of subscribers can be found on the purchase page :)
  • What channels are available in the service?
    All packages include the full list of channels that appears on the website *New channels are added from time to time. It is recommended to also follow us on Facebook and the updates page at the top of the page for regular updates.
  • Is it possible to record the channels?
    There are applications that record to the device according to the memory volume.
  • Does the service / application / converter work abroad?
  • Can I get an M3U file?
    Yes depending on the device the appropriate file will be sent to you.
  • Is it possible to connect mag devices?
    Yes. Contact must be made via chat before purchase in order to activate the subscription.
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