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Best IPTV Player for Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP

VLC player
VLC Player is one of the best media players in Windows.

It also allows you to play offline media files; VLC player also supports IPTV channels.

With the m3u file system, you can easily stream your favorite programs on IPTV.

You will need an up-to-date version to view the latest content. IPTV TV player

The following are step-by-step steps for activating IPTV channels:

Open the VLC player on your Windows computer.
Track Media -> Open Network Streams.
Put the URL link of the video or live TV channels and run OK. and that's it!
Download link



Also allows you to stream live TV online via IPTV.

It is becoming more popular even though it does not come with a fancy user interface.

This is one of Kodi's closest competitors, another high-quality IPTV player for Windows that shares a similar position with Plex.

It can convert any media file to avoid buffering and slow loading, which is great for improving the end-user experience.

However, this is not a free service, so you have to pay for its use. This can be an alternative if you can afford to pay for a good overall user experience.

Download link

Kodi is known for its media services, but it can also be used as an IPTV player.

The application can be used to manage all your media files. Individually, you can play on several online TV channels. By installing different types of plug-ins, you can play video on demand (VOD) and live TV.

It gives you the option to play any media file by adding a streaming link.

Finally, you can use it as an IPTV player on your Windows computer by following step by step:

Open KODI software on your PC.
Click TV or Radio.
Just enter the URL.
Click OK to play and stream the video.
Download link

"IPTV" is another good app for streaming live media and TV. It is important not to interpret this as an official IPTV service.

The app is just like any other third-party app that offers you the option to play IPTV content.

You can initially download it at no extra cost from the official Microsoft App Store. But if you want full screen videos without any commercial ad, you have to pay $ 4.99, which makes it a freemium service.

Use the following steps to use it on your Windows 10 computer:

Open the app on your PC.
Go to the settings menu.
Enter the URL and upload your playlist.
Enjoy watching your favorite shows.
Download link

This is not a player that can be installed directly on your PC.

The application is intended for Android and iOS devices. But with the emulators you can also enjoy it on your PC.

If you like watching content on your little smart device, feel free to use it on your smartphone. The application brings responsive functionality to split the content according to the screen size.

The best I found is BlueStacks.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the GSE SMART IPTV player on your PC:

Install and open BlueStacks on your PC.
Click Sign in and enter your Google Account login information.
Open the Google Play Store and search for GSE SMART IPTV.
Select the GSE SMART IPTV application and click on the device to download the application.
After installation, click Open to launch the app.
Select + Add playlist -> Tap Add URL.
Enter the playlist URL and press OK.
Choose your favorite live TV channel.
Download link

ProgDVB / ProgTV
ProgDVB or ProgTV is another great player to stream IPTV content. The app offers some great features such as picture support and allows you to record live radio programs. It can be downloaded for free on the official website of the company.

nts functionality. Using this app, you can enjoy HD TV channels by following the step-by-step instructions:

As always, open the application on your Windows computer.
Enter the URL and select the channel.
You can see the list of videos and choose from anything you want to see.

Download link

MyIpTV is another great player to watch.

However, it does not give direct access to watch IPTV channels. But you can put the link and stream your desired content with the face interface.

The application is available in the official Microsoft App Store if you want to install it. This is one of the best players to watch IPTV content on your Windows 10. Follow the step-by-step guide to enjoy these services:

Open the app on your computer screen.
Directly to Settings -> Add a new playlist and select a source in the EPG.
Enter the name and source of the remote channel list.
A list of videos and TV channels will appear. Watch your favorite show.
Download now

free iptv player

The free TV player lets you watch IPTV content on your Windows computer. It is definitely not recommended, but you can use it as an alternative or just try the new interface.

It can offer you live TV channels, TV shows, movies and internet radio through the M3U file system.

You can create your playlist and secure it for your future use.

It's available at the official Microsoft App Store without costing you anything (download it for free).

Free IPTV TV Player

Here's the guide to using it on a Windows computer  your:

Open this app on your PC.
Enter the M3U playlist URL.
After a few minutes all the channels will appear.
Click to play to enjoy your favorite content.
Download link

IPTV Smarters Pro
IPTV Smarters Pro is the latest IPTV player on our list to enjoy the free content of Windows PC. Indeed, the app is designed for Android and iOS devices. You can also use it on your computer using Android emulators.

As we suggested above, BlueStacks is one of the best Android imitations, and is free to use. Follow the same guide as we mentioned above for other Android applications.

Download link

perfect player

Perfect Player


perfect Player - is an IPTV player that can play  VOD, live TV and even supports EPG.

Try Perfect Player.

The example of the links below should go into the Perfect Player application to play your stream.

Any Android device can run this application, and any computer can.

For Fire TV users :

Download perfect Player  From the Amazon App Store and fill out the links below.

perfect Player  For Windows:

Click here to download the installation:

1. Install Perfect Player from Google Play Store on your inbox (Optional: Install Remote Player Remote on your phone or tablet to control the perfect player)

2. Open the Perfect Player in your box Click on the gear icon To open settings, click General

3. Click where the playlist is written and add the following lines to the URL section:

M3U Playlist (Live TV Only)



Replace the  The "YOURUSERNAME" and "YOURPASSWORD" in your actual username and password



Level 1

Open the VLC media player.


Click the "Media" button in the top navigation bar to display the File menu.

Step 3

Click the "Open Network Stream" option.

Step 4

Click the Select button next to "HTTP / HTTPS / FTP / MMS"

And then type in the URL (which you received in the email from us  ) In the "URL" dialog box.

Step 5

Click "OK". Avenard's playlist opens in VLC and the list of channels on the left panel.

Step 6

Click a channel in the left pane and then click the "Right" arrow at the bottom of the viewing screen to activate the channel.

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